SUSHI-DS DMX Controller

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$63.70 CDN

SUSHI-DS is the most attractive DMX lighting control package on the market. With 128 DMX channels and 4 software included. Transform your computer to a professional lighting controller!

Uses high quality hardware designed, a world-class design : stand alone, metallic box, USB, XLR 3 pins, 128 DMX channels, expandable to 512, 2 indicators, one button. SUSHI stands for “Sunlite Universal Smart Handy Interface”.

4 Windows software are included for free with unlimited time: Daslight DVC1 + Sunlite 2004 + Easy Stand Alone 1 + Lumidesk Express. (Mac software is available as an upgrade)


  • Input Power: 5V DC 0.3A
  • Output Protocol: DMX (3 types of connector)
  • Output Connector: XLR 3pin (DS) Block 3 pins (RB) RJ45 8 pins (RJ)
  • Number of channels for live/pc use: 128 (expandable to 512)
  • Number of channels for stand alone use: 12 (expandable to 512)
  • Programmability: with PC/Windows (MAC in option)
  • Indicators (leds): 2
    red : should blink fast (normal) otherwise the interface has a problem
    green : blink fast in live/pc mode, blink slow in stand alone mode and display the scene number
    if both leds blink together, the interface is in bootloader mode (contact us)
  • Button: 1 (access to next scene in stand alone mode)
  • I/O ports: 2 contact inputs (optional) with RJ version
  • Stand Alone Memory: 504 steps with 12 channels / 122 steps with 60 channels
    26 steps with 256 channels, 10 steps with 512 channels (these values are for 4 scenes only)
  • DMX driver chipset: SP485ECP-L MAX485CPA+ ADM485JNZ
  • Temperature: -10 °C + 45 °C
  • Hardware Dimensions: 75x20x17mm (DS) 63x26x28mm (RB) 55x26x28mm (RJ)
    Blister Dimensions (complete): 21x9x3,5 cm
    Carton Dimensions (50 pieces): 50x25x30 cm
  • Hardware Weight: 37g (DS) 22g (RB) 21g (RJ)
    Blister Weight (complete): 84g (DS) 69g (RB) 68g (RJ)
    Carton Weight (50 pieces): 5,5Kg